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Let me welcome you to my new and long awaited website.  Dubbed "Fort Collins Favorite," followed by the accompanying tagline, "Nurturing Northern Colorado," I resided and provided in Colorado for many years.  I now live in Arkansas and visit Colorado quarterly, making new friends and cultivating old ones.


My "Sunny" disposition accompanied by a gift I have of being able to quickly establish a rapport with people, creates a comfortable and exhilarating encounter.  I appreciate the diversity of my clients, and value the opportunity to connect with interesting and inspiring individuals.


My goal is to provide you with unsurpassed companionship.  Thank you for your interest.  I hope make your acquaintance or get better acquainted and have some fun. 

About Me

Age: 57

Height: 5'4'

Hair: Medium Length Red

Eyes: Brown

Measurements:  40DDD-34-36

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